Michael is an administrator, arts advocate, documentary filmmaker, educator, entrepreneur, mentor and researcher
He has worked for 31 years in the field of Public Education. He is a former commissioner for the Oregon Arts Commission.
Michael currently works as Supervisor for Leadership Development in the San Francisco Unified School District. He was
2-term President of the National Council on Educating Black Children.Michael is the former Executive Director of Airway
Science for Kids. He currently serves as the President of World Arts Foundation, Inc. Mr. Grice holds a B.A. from Cornell
College of Iowa and a M.A.T. from Reed College.


Ken is an administrator, artist, arts advocate, educator, entrepreneur, mentor, archivist and a musical director.
He holds the Carter G. Woodson Memorial Award from the National Education Association. He has served on the Metropolitan Arts Commission Board, Portland Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation and the Portland Cable Access Television Board. Ken has served 38 years in the field of public education. He currently serves as the Secretary/Treasurer of World Arts Foundation Inc. Mr. Berry holds an M.S. degree in Education and the Oregon Standard Administrative Certificate.


Donny is a retired human resources manager and an entrepreneur. He has a lifetime of work in civil rights, equal employment
opportunity, affirmative action and diversity in Portland. He is a consultant to the Portland Public Schools. Donny has been the master of ceremonies for the “Keep Alive the Dream Program” an annual tribute for Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., for 29 consecutive years. Donny is passionate about educating children and informing students about conservation. He serves as President of the African American Hunting Association. Donny is the 2011 recipient of the Robert Phillips Diversity Award for his dedication to equity in the work place and in education.

Board Member
Working hard at the Intersection of Arts and Education
Board Member

Gwen Thompson has 15 plus years of experience in non-profit business management, entrepreneurship, human resources and professional ethics. Upon earning a BA in Speech Communications from Portland State University she began her career as a corporate executive in the areas of marketing and human resources.  Having for many years had a strong interest in ethics, and witnessing its importance in the workplace while working for Dr. Matthew Riddle, a Chief Endocrinologist and Professor at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland during her undergraduate years, Gwen soon returned to PSU and earn a master’s degree in ethics (1997). To Gwen, ethics plays an important role in vast areas of one’s life, and helps you understand how to act responsibly and respond justly to a given situation.  Gwen’s demonstrated commitment to diversity, social change and fairness, drives her every day to seek new ways of closing the divide amongst all people.

Sunshine’s strong ability to network and to connect people helps individuals, and businesses to build bridges over their
barriers. Sunshine is an astonishing creative thinker. She continues to amaze and engage people fortunate enough to
meet her. Sunshine uses her creativity, wit, and humor to help others move towards their dreams.

Sunshine is highly charismatic and has a terrific presence. She is a resourceful, creative and solution-oriented person
who is frequently able to come up with new and innovative approaches to assigned projects. She functions well as a
project leader and works effectively as a team member. Her ability to develop and maintain strong relationships
creates much value for the organizations in which she is involved. She has an excellent record of success in promoting
the mission of large local companies like United Way of the Columbia-Willamette, and smaller businesses as well.
Volunteering with a number of local charities, she helps them identify avenues that lead to both increased awareness
and to increased donations for their programs. Contact Sunshine to see how your business can move forward.

Specialties: Non-profit Fundraising, Social Networking, Development, Coaching, Public Speaking

Board Member
Board Member

Joe Bean Keller, Arietta Ward, Bobby Smith, James Wright,

Bobby Pallotta, Steve Hollingsworth, Pat Dobbins, Pearl Hill,

Dr. Harriet Adair, Cheanice Stone, Lessie Williams

Jasmine Wadsworth, Cedric Berry, Ann Morin,
Lavern Davis, Charles Hunter, Chisao Hata, Richard Donin,
Cottrell White
Sandra Wadsworth - Director of Operations
Kevin Berry - Social Media Coordinator

Shelia Searight is a career professional structural engineer at INTEL in Oregon and an exceptional resource for community organizations, especially those who serve young people.  As a single mom, she has vaulted both her children into major college programs.  As a valued board member and expert strategist for WAFI’s web presence, Ms. Searight has successfully coordinated the United Negro College Fund’s prestigious “Portfolio Project” which links college bound students to significant scholarship opportunities.  The precision she deploys to effectively serve the community, is second only to her demonstrated commitment, energy, integrity, and delightful effervescence.  Her versatile resourcefulness is recognized in the greater Portland community and is a valuable asset. 

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